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Trenchless (no-dig) utility installation using HDD Technology across the UK

"Often the quickest and most cost effective method of underground utility installation available, Heartland Pipelines offer an extensive range of Trenchless Technologies from Directional Drilling / Boring, Pipe Bursting and Sliplining to simple moling operations. We can install Water, Gas, Electric Ducting and Mains upto 630mm in diameter for lengths of up to 500m at a time." - Robert. E. (Operations Director).

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What is Horizontal Directional Drilling (HDD)?

1) Often referred to as HDD, the horizontal directional drilling process is a way to install pipelines underground with minimal disruption.

2) A remotely controlled drill moves underground horizontally, monitored and guided by equipment above the ground, to steer it along the appropriate path.

3) Avoiding disruption to sensitive areas, this method of trenchless pipe installation means that areas such as rivers, roads, lakes and archaeological sites can be bypassed.

4) The most cost-effective and environmentally friendly method usually available for installing utilities, pipes and ducting. Heartland Pipelines have succesfully installed over 100km of underground mains using our no-dig HDD rigs.

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Benefits of HDD

Being able to bypass both above-ground obstacles like trees, roads, culverts/rivers, and buildings, as well as being able to bypass underground obstacles like other utilities, be they water/gas/electric, is the primary benefit of directional drilling. However there are other indirect benefits to using this technique for utility installation and ducting.

  • Ease of Planning - With open-cut trenching you require much more planning applications, as you will need to physically enter more areas, however with HDD you can bypass upto 600m at a time, meaning that you can drastically reduce the amount of planning applications you need to have approved.
  • Professional Reputation - By causing less disruption, to both communities and ecologically, directional drilling often leaves a much better impression of your company. Where multiple installation options are available, it's typically advised that underground installations are carried out with drilling.

Underground Utility FAQ

Some common questions about our directional drilling services can be found below, feel free to contact us if you have any others!

  • Where can we use HDD? - You can typically utilise this method of pipe installation anywhere that the ground is suitable for the drilling rigs to operate. This used to be quite restricted, however improvements in our rig technology mean that most ground-types are now suitable. The only other consideration is planning permissions and access, both of which we can handle on your behalf. Simply provide your job description in the contact form and we'll let you know what can be done.
  • What pipework can be installed? - The tunnels created by the rigs can be of various diameters. We can install ducting and pipework such as PE, Steel and Ductile Iron.

The Heartland Difference

There are many utility providers offering HDD, so why choose Heartland Pipelines?

  1. Experience
    Over 16 Years of HDD Utility Installation means we know what we're doing.
  2. Reputation
    A great reputation and trusted by Clients, Councils, Stakeholders and Land Agents. This helps get job plans agreed and speeds them up from start to finish.
  3. Quality
    Highly Trained Individuals backed up with the highest quality equipment and products on the market along with the right attitude towards getting it right, leads to customer satisfaction every time.
  4. Lots more...
    As a full-service utility company, we can provide as much or as little of the turnkey solution that's required. This could include planning, design, application, installation, traffic management, commissioning, testing, recording, snagging, and surfacing. All project managed by our accredited professionals. With other providers offering only some of these services, the management and integration of them is usually left upto yourselves to manage. Here at Heartland Pipelines we take care of that for you.

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